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Meet the Schools of D9




Welcome to Colorado ASDA!

At Colorado, all of our students experience the benefits of being ASDA members thanks to our wonderful sponsors including The Colorado Dental Association, Metropolitan Denver Dental Society, the Trust, and the Colorado Prosthodontics Society.Colorado ASDA strives to add value to our students’ dental school journey by hosting events and programming that reflect our chapter’s three pillars—wellness, unity, and excellence. 

Through our chapter, students are learning about the legislative issues that affect them at our Advocacy Lunch and Learns, gathering business management knowledge at our Professional Development events, or educating children in the community about proper oral hygiene.  To help escape from the stresses of dental school students can enjoy the talents of their fellow classmates at our annual ‘Shimstock’ talent show, compete in our massive dodgeball tournaments, or better their mind and body wellness through our yoga sessions. 

Whether you are interested in pre-dental outreach, community service, networking, leadership development, health and wellness, or connecting with students at national conferences, our chapter can integrate you into the world of organized dentistry so you can make a difference.

Thank you for your interest in Colorado ASDA!  Let’s work together to represent our fellow dental students, defend our rights, and propel our profession forward.

                                   -jillian stacey, '21, Colorado chapter president

Executive Council

Executive Board

President - Jillian Stacey

Vice-President - Tyler Chancellor

President-Elect - Aaron Buban

Vice-President-Elect - Ty Weisenburger

Immediate Past President - Austin Tyler

ISP 1 Representative - Zharkynai Satylganova

ISP 2 Representative - Andrew Choi

Treasurer - Skyler Christensen

Secretary - Becca Ryan

Historian - Danping Yi

Membership Furcation

Furcation Lead - Ty Weisenburger

Membership Chair - Will Carter

Faculty Relations Chair - Natalie Newton

Group Function Chair - Caroline Hinds

Anterior Guidance Chair - Alfred Li

Finance Furcation

Furcation Lead - Skyler Christensen

Treasurer Associate Chair - Isabelle Rusden

Fundraising Chair - Sarah Stamps

Fundraising Associate Chair - Shannon Galegher

Sponsor Relations Chair - Emilee Chilvers

Lunch and Learn Coodrinator - Justine Gullia

Multimedia Furcation

Furcation Lead - Danping Yi

Multimedia/Marketing Chair - Yanyan Leong

Social Media Chair - Samidha Patel

Webmaster - Robert Bailey

App Technician - Rasika Kolte


Professional Development Furcation

Furcation Lead - Andrew Choi

Professional Development Chair - Keith Rockwood

Professional Development Associate Chair - Jeremy Chen

Pre-Dental Furcation

Furcation Lead - Tyler Chancellor

Pre-Dental Chair - Elana Costanza

Pre-Dental Associate Chair - Jacob Adams

Publications Furcation

Furcation Lead - Aaron Buban

Videographer - Eric Feichtinger

Editor-in-Chief - Sansriti Narain

Electronic Editor - Catherine Petty

Events Furcation

Furcation Lead - Becca Ryan and Zharkynai Satylganova

Events ChairAmanda Ta

Events Associate Chair - Jakob Holtzmann

Health and Wellness Chair - Sierra Rose

Community Outreach Chair - Conni Kim

Community Outreach Associate Chair - Laur





University of Texas SChool of dentistry at Houston

Howdy from Houston y’all!! Here at Houston ASDA, we strive to connect our members with current events in the dental profession and encourage lifetime involvement in organized dentistry. Our ASDA chapter is dedicated to service outreach in our community and providing opportunities for all members to be actively involved in our chapter. We strive to keep our members engaged by providing unique events like ASDA Week, Lunch & Learns, Brews Chews & Dental News happy hours, and networking opportunities like Casino Night with our local dental societies just to name a few! Our chapter has created an Advocacy Academy featuring current events such as Addressing Access to Care with Solutions, participating in the ADPAC Drive, and Lobby Day in Washington DC. We invite pre-dental members to get involved offering Interview Day, Explore UTSD, Lab-Mixers and a pre-dental liaison position within our chapter. We are excited to have several of our chapter members representing on the national level and were awarded Ideal ASDA Chapter and Best Website in 2017!

-amy la, '20, houston chapter president

WEBSITE: www.houstonasda.com


San Antonio

San Antonio

UT Health School of dentistry at san antonio 

Hello from San Antonio! We have a great chapter here down in south Texas and are hoping for another great year in 2017-2018! Our chapter has a unique situation because our DS1-DS2 students are at a different building from our DS3/DS4 clinic. Our ASDA events are intended to try and bring the upper and lower classmen together to bring a sense of comradery to our dental school. We hold a chapter event in the early Fall called Dr. Dodgeball, named after our Dean – Dr. Dodge, that brings everyone in the school together. Each person is assigned a clinic group at the start of their DS1 year and that is how the teams are divided. It’s a great day of spirit, competition and introductions of upper and lower classmen. ASDA is not only trying to bridge the gap between upper and lower classmen, but also bridge the gap between ASDA and TDA. Last year, we were able to host TDA at our campus and have “Advocacy Week,” where main players in advocacy at the state capital came in and spoke about their jobs and how they fight for our profession every day. Mostly, in our San Antonio ASDA chapter, we are trying to make the connection with our members that ASDA is not just about free lunch; it is about being a part of something bigger than yourself and getting involved in organized dentistry to make a positive change for the future.

-  jonathan abay, ‘20, President of San Antonio ASDA

WEBSITE: www.sanantonioasda.com


chapter events

Recruitment Night

Yoga Night

Dr. Dodgeball

Pre-dental DAT Jeopardy night

Pre-dental Day

Mock Interview Day

Haven for Hope Halloween Carnival



DentFest (Vendor Fair)

PDS Business Boot Camp

Haven for Hope Easter Egg Hunt


2018-2019 Officers

President: Jonathan Abay

Immediate Past President: Taylor Cook

President Elect: Timothy Nguyen

Social Media/Webmaster Chair: Aamna Zaidi

Financial Coordinator: Robert Brock

Pre-Dental Coordinator: Amanda Le

Wellness Coordinator: Richard Wallach

Social Media/Webmaster Coordinator: Allison Windisch

Legislative Coordinator: Rohail Rahman

Philanthropy Coordinator: Luke Seiler

Newsletter Coordinator: Aaron Ramon

Events Coordinator: Taylor Nguyen

Fundraising Coordinator: Gracen McGuckin


Membership Coordinator: Joel Elizondo

Luncheon Coordinator: Romali Kamat

Events Chair: Gina Khong

Philanthropy Chair: Jared Ricks

Pre-Dental Chair: Vincent Vo

Financial Chair: Priscilla Barajas

Vendor Fair Chair: Angela Huygh

Vendor Fair Chair: Kelsey Reyes

Membership Chair: Priya Patel

Legislative Chair: Sami Sackos

Wellness Chair: Drew Daniel

Fundraising Chair: Elizabeth Castleberry

DS1 Representative: Fabian Mendoza

DS1 Representative: Stephanie Tran




Hello from Oklahoma ASDA!

Our mission is to inspire and further develop leadership by increasing involvement with local, state, and national leaders in the dental community. We actively engage our pre-doctoral and pre-dental members, faculty and staff by organizing valuable programming, such as Lunch and Learns, Vendor Fairs, Pre-Dental Simulation Courses, and networking events.

Many schools across the country “auto-enroll” their students to be a part of their local chapters, but Oklahoma ASDA membership is based on recruitment. We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Gold Crown Award for the Highest Overall Market Share at a Recruited Chapter consecutively for the past 4 years. This means 100% of our students choose to be a part of this incredible organization.

Together with the respective chapters at Colorado, Texas A&M, Houston, and San Antonio, we work hard to serve you and meet your needs throughout your dental school career. I encourage you to take some time to explore what ASDA District 9 can do for you.

- brittany hand, ‘20, Oklahoma president

WEBSITE: www.oklahomaasda.org




President: Brittany Hand

Vice President: Uzma Hajiyani

President-Elect and Pre-Dental Chair: Edith Quiñonez

VP-Elect: Caytlin Nichols

Secretary: Jacy Glover

Treasurer: Dylan Droege

Historian: Ashley Long

Vendor Coordinators: Cheryl Fleming and Kate Littlefield

Legislative Liaison: Gabe Duffy

Publications Editor: Berlian Jeffery

Member Coordinator: Tendai Dandajena

Gold Crown Committee: Kaylee Speer and Elizabeth Silver

ASPID Representative: Mandeep Buttar

Miles for Smiles Chair: Cheryl Fleming


Chapter events

Pre-Dental Simulation Course (Fall and Spring)

Casino Royale

Open Wide Golf Tournament

Vendor Fair (Fall and Spring)

Loupes Fair

Pre-Dental Day

Dental Olympics




Texas A&M College of Dentistry

Howdy everyone! Texas A&M College of Dentistry (formerly known as Baylor College of Dentistry) prides itself in automatically enrolling every DDS student into ASDA (yes, #asdafever is a serious condition that affects many students at our institution!) As this gives our students many opportunities to be involved with ASDA, we are constantly implementing new ways for individual students to have more responsibilities and leadership positions.

For the upcoming year, we have made huge strides in restructuring the entire chapter and establishing a more stable legacy of leadership. We have restructured our officers and committee positions, published our new monthly ASDA newsletter “The Finish Line”, launched a new website for a cleaner design with blogging capabilities, created a TAMCOD ASDA mobile application (available on iOS and android!), and increased our presence on campus through new and improved events, outreach, and social media campaigns.

- lana khazma, '20, TAMCOD President

WEBSITE: www.tamcodasda.wixsite.com/asda

Officers 2018-2019

President: Lana Khazma

Vice President: Annie Shedlosky

Secretary: Brenda Acosta

Treasurer: Nihal Chowdhury

Community Service: Walter Nwaokolo

Public Relations: Michelle Kwan

Legislative Liaison: Shilpa Kudva

Events Chair: Sarah Sauer

Communications Chair: Debbie Yeh

Wellness Chair: Tania Ramezani

Pre-dental Committee:

Nida Suleman

Salma Haneef

George Galaz

Kyle Johnson

Newsletter Committee:

Editor in Chief: Will RUdnicki

Editor: Ashly Okoli

Graphics Designer: Sandya Athigaman

Editor: Seun Allen-Taylor

Past Events (just to name a few!):

‘Brush Week’: a week of competing between the 4 dental classes.

     Monday: Best Dental School Selfie

     Tuesday: Lunch And Learn (whichever class has most attend wins that day)

     Wednesday: Amalgames – different classes compete in sports activities like intramural

     Thursday: Best Dental Struggle Meme

     Friday: Volleyball competition at Sandbar

     The class with the most participation, wins the entire week and gets $1000 towards their class fund!

‘Legislative KickOff’: different school organizations present a political topic pertaining to dentistry/dental students and if students stop by all the booths to hear their presentations, they can enter a raffle and win a prize.

‘Spotlight of the Month’ – every month we ‘spotlight’ a student or faculty member and interview them, and post it to our social media pages

Vendor Fair: we have 2 vendor fairs a year for students to attend and get information regarding loupes and lights, learn about insurance, finance, realty, and dental services. They can also enter to win a raffle. 

‘Engage Competition’: our way of directly voicing our opinions to our representatives. Basically a competition between the classes to see which class had the most students write to their representatives regarding H.R. 1614, the Student Loan Refinancing Act.